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Mrs. Carter-Cade served as a business owner of GA LA – CAR Salon Boutique for over 2 decades. She was first black woman to have her picture in the Jacksonville Yellow Pages under salon headline and the first to receive a scholarship from Long Island Beauty School. The scholarship allowed her the opportunity to attend Christine Valmy School for Esthetics and Makeup, New York.
GA LA – CAR Salon Boutique, is the “One Stop that Suits your Style”. We can suit your Deva style of hair, beauty services and fashion. We provide hair weaving, braiding, make-over’s, eyebrow arching, ear piercing and casual, career, Sunday and special occasion fashions.
Gail Carter-Cade, mother of 3 took advantage of the ESE program. After discovering that learning disabilities can hinder the learning process and that resources weren’t visible Mrs. Carter-Cade became compelled to help.
The United Unique Productions was founded. The aim is to reduce the percentage of special needs children from falling between the cracks and increase more productive and successful individuals in our communities. UUP is committed to supporting: accomplishments, discovering hidden talents and building positive community understanding.
Academics: To share, provide and highlight resourceful educational materials to make learning achievable.
Arts: The discovery and learning to value one’s inner natural talents can help children with special needs feel that they can excel beyond expectations.
Awareness: The more information that is readily available the more success options are possible.


Whats Up T Shirt

Whats Up T Shirt