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Ge-Veggie Food Plus

Ge-Veggie Food Plus
Being healthy and disease free is a choice. When our bodies are nutritionally deprived we create an open invitation for the enemy of sickness and disease to step in. Ge-Veggie Food Plus is a green whole food that has all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to keep it healthy and fight off certain unwanted health issues. We believe diabetes, allergies, low energy levels and many more health disorders can be eliminated if the body is given what it needs. Try Ge-Veggie Food Plus and feel the difference. Ge-Veggie Food ingredients: Alfalfa: Has been found to aid in the healing of cancer, high blood pressure, liver disorders and constipation. Barley Grass: Has been found to heal stomach and colon disorders and is an effective anti-inflammatory. Japanese Green Tea: For diabetics, has been found that Japanese Green Tea regulate blood sugar levels. Milk Thistle: For heavy alcohol drinkers has been found that the silymarin in milk thistle root can repair damaged liver cells in the human body. Ginkgo Biloba: Has been found to improve both long term and short term memory. Bee Pollen: Has been found to combat fatigue and depression. Reishi Mushroom: Has been found to prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and have anti-tumor properties valuable for treating cancer. Enzymes – Promotes digestion by breaking down the food particles in the body. Probiotics – Are beneficial bacteria that crowds out bad bacteria in the body.

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